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does it come with butter pillows

is anyone reading that description 



uno is a great card game it’s just filled with smiles and laughter and numbers and colors and everything is right in the world until someone skips you because then it gets real fuckin personal real fuckin fast

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bellamy blake meme | one otp (bellarke)

"Hey Princess, you taking a walk in the woods?"





she is the kind of treasure
       that a map won’t give to you [x]

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Our hive-mind is showing, I see.


I don’t even ship this, BUT THIS IS FREAKING GORGEOUS.

I don’t ship it either but this looks amazing!

i am become death,
destroyer of worlds

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Myers Briggs By Teen Movie Stereotypes


INFJ: Any given cryptic deep girl who is just misunderstood in a teen movie
ESTP: Any given bad boy in a teen movie
INTJ: Any given dark silent guy in a teen movie
ESFP: Any given flirty party girl in a teen movie
INFP: Any given geek in a teen movie
ESTJ: Any given overprotective dad in a teen movie
INTP: Any given quiet friend with a crush on the protagonist in a teen movie
ESFJ: Any given mom in a teen movie
ISFJ: Any given girl-next-door in a teen movie
ENTP: Any given likable troublemaker in a teen movie
ISTJ: Any given nerd in a teen movie
ENFP: Any given different, cool girl in a teen movie
ISFP: Any given chill mysterious girl in a teen movie
ENTJ: Any given powerful popular guy in a teen movie
ISTP: Any given sarcastic, witty best friend in a teen movie
ENFJ: Any given advice-giving parent figure in a teen movie

Game of Thrones Season 4 One Week Challenge

↳ Day 4: Favourite location - Braavos

Ghosts of the past